Historical Efforts

As far as CIJ knows, there are two major efforts in recent history which attempted to institutionalise a Malaysian media council. CIJ acknowledges and celebrates the work of our colleagues, and we strive to to broaden the conversation and continue these efforts to make the Media Council a reality.

GERAMM Submission
 to the Minister of Communications for a Malaysian Press Council, 

Commentary: GERAMM proposes a Malaysia Press Council (MPC) as an independent regulator for the newspaper, news TV station, online news portal and magazine industry in Malaysia. The MPC intends to hold newsmakers to account for their actions, protect individual rights, uphold high standards of journalism and help to maintain freedom of expression for the press.

Article 19, “Memorandum on Malaysia’s Press Council Bill 2006“, July 2006.

Commentary: Based on a 2006 draft bill, Article 19, an International NGO had serious reservations about the composition about the composition. It makes 4 recommendations, including removing members of parliament and senators from the council, removing the minister’s function and powers, and increasing consultation in forming codes and guidelines.

Malaysian Press Institute, “Cadangan Penubuhan Majlis Media Malaysia” (Proposal for the Establishment of a Malaysian media Council), circa 2001. 

Commentary: By the early 2000s, Institute Akbar Malaysia (Malaysian Press Institute, MPI) spearheaded an effort to move the industry from top-down regulation to self-regulation.

Aliran, “Charter 2000“, circa 2000.

Spearheaded by a number of journalists supported by Aliran magazine, this charter also was endorsed by 39 Malaysian NGOs. It demanded for (1) the enactment of a freedom of information act; (2) the repeal of the PPPA and other repressive laws; (3) the establishment of a truly independent, self-regulated media council; (4) accountable, independent publicly-owned media; and (5) the reform of public and private media towards greater professionalism and ethical standards.

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